International Business an der HZ University of Applied Sciences

My name is Iveta Hmelnicka and I am from Latvia. I wanted to start International Business because of the international program HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen is offering.



I came to the Netherlands to broaden my experience and to gain more insights in the international aspects around the world. By the time I decided to go to the Netherlands I did not know anything about the HZ and to change that I am trying to promote the HZ in my own country as much as possible. Since I had the great advantage that a family member already was in the Netherlands the search for a study and school was a lot easier than for the average student. I did not apply to any other universities because HZ was the most convenient one for me firstly because of the program and secondly because of the geographical position of the school.

Applying to HZ is very user-friendly! Step 1. Go to www., step2. Fill in the application form, step 3. Print the forms, fill them in and step 4. Send them!

The options for accommodation are to go through HZ to Lescaút who will find you a student apartment or just look yourself for an apartment though friends who are already studying at the HZ.

When I first came to the Netherlands I realized that Netherlands is so much more than only the famous tulips and windmills.

People in the Netherlands are very open to international students and their cultures.

Netherlands and especially Vlissingen is in such a good geographical situation because big cities like London and Paris are just a few hours away. And Netherlands is very internationally orientated so it is a good start if you want to decide whether you want to have an international carrier or not.

Vlissingen does have one disadvantage though – it’s rainy.

It is possible for everyone to study in Vlissingen because there are a lot of advantages for students. For example the fee can be paid in at once or in periods and there is a possibility to work and to get a study grant.

I did not have any intercultural differences that were really unexpected to me since the Dutch and Latvian cultures do not differ so much.

The educational system in the Netherlands is very group and practice oriented. A lot of assignments are about really doing them and not reading how to do them.

All the theory given in the IBMS program is laid in to practice during internship, Student Company and research. Strong practical competences that are absolutely necessary for your professional life, given at the HZ are among others marketing, cost accounting and Student Company. Student Company is one of the most educating courses where students have to run a real company with real products and during this process it is obvious which theory is needed to put into practice and how many different (often unexpected) aspects are dealt with in a real company.

I think that IBMS is the program which can prepare me the best for my international carrier, because the theory learned is tested in practice and the international environment that you are learning in also helps you to understand among others the cultural differences, the structure of the international market and the competences needed.

The learning process at the IBMS is different than I was used to because the study has to be managed by the student himself.

Therefore I would definitely choose for HZ the second time!