International Business an der HZ University of Applied Sciences - Marija Gorijainova

It’s Marijas first year in International Business and the first year at HZ University of Applied Sciences. She reported about her study at the HZ University of Applied Sciences.


Why studying at HZ in Vlissingen?

First of all I chose Vlissingen because it is a small city as I am from Capital. I wanted to try to live in a small city. Secondly Vlissingen has a beautiful coast with view of the beach. Everything is very close if you have a bike, it will take 15 min up to sea and 10 min up to school or centre.


How did you find out the possibilities for a study in Holland?

In Latvia we have Organisation who helps students to find the right University and program. They also help you to fill out all documents.


What about the level of your English, how did this work?

At the beginning my English wasn’t very good, but you learn all specific vocabulary in first semester and it is not an issue for you anymore. And you are constantly communicating with friend classmates, room mates and teachers in English. Then you don’t even notice but you are already thinking in English.


How did you get accommodation?

For accommodation I applied through Lescaut Woon Service. It is very easy, just fill in all forms in internet, pay and you get your room.


What are your first experiences in the Netherlands?

People are very nice and warm. Everybody speaks English. If you need help they will love to help you. On the first day people from University are explaining where everything is located. They will give you maps and all information you will need.


What are to you the advantages for a study in the Netherlands? 

The one most important advantage for me is that you can communicate all the time in English and that you meet people from different countries with different points of view.


What are the disadvantages?

It’s hard to point out a few things what I don’t like here apart from weather actually. Where I come from it is not so windy but soon you get used to it, so it’s not a problem for me anymore.


What would you advice pupils from secondary schools who are interested in a study abroad?

First of all you have to decide what you want to study and who you want to be. After that you can chose the correct course for you. And before you go, try to find as much information as possible about country, school, city, people. Anything you can find it’s very useful to know thing before you come.


What are your experiences with the study now compared with your expectations?

For sure it’s not what I expected because it’s better much better. Studies here are awesome you have to work a lot in groups. You have to work a lot with the internet. You have to search for new information, analyse, discuss, make presentations and a lot of other things that make these studies so interesting.


How do you see your future now?

Firstly I will stay here 2 years and in my 3rd year I will try to go abroad for exchange. To try something new different and undiscovered for me right now. I will finish my studies here in HZ. I will try to get internship in some international company but you never know how it will go but as for now my plane looks like this.


Would you choose again for HZ?

I think yes I would choose HZ. It is a good school with very good potentials and you can learn a lot from it. School helps you if you have any kind of problems. Teachers are very loyal and you can always talk with them and they will understand you.


We thank Marija for the interview.