International Business and Management Studies – Anthony Serani

This time Anthony Serani shares his experiences of his studies in the Netherlands.


I was first informed about the study at HZ University of Applied Sciences through my home institution as well as other friends interested in doing a study abroad program. After doing some research of my options, I chose to go to HZ University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands because they offered a dual degree program to students. This involved doing one semester of studies and one semester work placement. After writing a bachelors thesis I would graduate with a degree from HZ.


HZ University of Applied Sciences was very helpful making me feel comfortable in their country. When I arrived, they had arranged for a van to drive the students to their new home. They also arranged many events to help the students become familiar with each other and the city. The schooling is truly an international environment. There are students from all over the world. It’s interesting to learn little things about several different countries.


My studies consisted of International Economic Relations, Management Game, Quality Management, E-business, Strategic Management, Project Management, and Beginners Dutch. Full schedule, but managed well. I feel their Business program is very strong. It involves lots of hands-on group work, and presentations. Many important topics and discussions take place during lectures, all concentrating on the international aspect of it. The class sizes are relatively small which allow for a more personal relationship with the professors. It is a great environment to work in.


The Dutch language was completely new to me but luckily most people speak English with little problems. They are also very kind to foreigners.


The Netherlands is a great location to do studies. The cost to attend Universities is not so expensive compared to Canada. Also, the fact that I am in Europe allows me to do lots of travelling, and at the same time, get an education.


I’ve been lucky to make so many long lasting friendships. When I think back on my year here, I’m amazed at everything I’ve accomplished.


I would recommend HZ University of Applied Sciences to any Canadian who wished to study abroad..


Once I finish my studies at HZ, I plan to go back to Canada to complete my studies there. Afterwards I look forward to return to Europe and continue with my international business interests.


We thank Anthony Serani for sharing his experiences.